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Our company was founded in 1998. Our company, which produces hotel textile products with a small working area, has enlarged its product group and capacity in the direction of requests. Hotel Textile products company producing near our hospital textile products has made deliveries to Turkey and the world in many countries. The main product group of our company is hotel textile, hotel Textile company offers different brands of our company. Our main product groups include linen sets. We produce our products as a manufacturer, thus creating price advantage compared to other vehicles. Hotel textiles group in our product group

We supply all your hotel companies with our wholesale bed linen sets which we produce for our colorful, white patterned bed linen sets and institutions such as hotels and hospitals. Our products are produced from 100% cotton, and as hotel textile suppliers, our company aims to offer customers under hotel textile Turkey brand without compromising on quality.

Special Hotel Textile Production

We can customize our products such as towels and bed linen with your hotel logo.

Hotel Textile Prices

Contact us for special prices for your wholesale purchases.

International Shipping

We can send our hotel textile products to many countries of the world.

Wholesale Towel Fabric

One of the most important products in the hotel textile group, towels are ideal for those looking for wholesale towels with a high weaving ratio. Our products are manufactured using Turkish cotton in Turkey. Our towels are always stocked, we can produce wholesale towels for embroidery which we can make in special production towels.

  • Standard Towels (Turkish Cotton)
  • Colour Towel
  • Logo Towel
  • Bamboo Towels
  • Custom Made Towels

Hotel Linens Wholesale

We are in the struggle to differentiate with our special production type among 3248 product types that we sell wholesale. The products that we produce specially in accordance with the concept show us differently among the companies that make wholesale hotel supplies. You can get the most reasonable prices from our wholesale hotel linens list, where our hotel offers the most needed bed linen as a hotel. As a company it is to bring the customer’s understanding to the quality at reasonable prices.

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Best Hotel Pillows

We produce wholesale hotel pillows without compromising quality. Wholesale pillow manufacturers are able to produce feather pillow. Also among the pillows we produce in orthopedic pillows. We provide wholesale hotel pillows at affordable rates.

  • Standard Pillow (Turkish Cotton)
  • Anti Allergic Pillow
  • British Cotton Pillow
  • Bamboo Pillow
  • Orthopedic Pillow

Quilt Wholesale Manufacturer

Buy soft quilts at affordable prices. Good quality quilts cheap prices. We send wholesale quilts all over the world.

  • Standard Comforter
  • British Cotton Quilt
  • Goose Down Quilt
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Sales Representatives

You can ask our sales department about our products, you can get a price for our hotel textile products.

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